Terry Hui: Steering Concord Pacific to New Heights in Urban Development


Terry Hui, the CEO and President of Concord Pacific, has been a transformative figure in the urban development landscape of Canada. Under his visionary leadership, Concord Pacific has not only expanded its footprint across major Canadian cities but also set new benchmarks in sustainable and innovative real estate development.

Early Life and Background

Born in China and raised in Hong Kong, Terry Hui moved to Canada for his higher education. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Engineering. His technical background, combined with a keen concord pacific ceo business acumen, set the stage for his future endeavors in real estate.

Concord Pacific: A Legacy of Excellence

Concord Pacific’s journey began in the late 1980s with the purchase of the former Expo 86 site in Vancouver. The company’s ambitious plan to transform this prime waterfront property into a vibrant residential community marked the beginning of its remarkable journey. Terry Hui joined Concord Pacific in the early 1990s, and his innovative approach has been instrumental in shaping the company’s growth trajectory.

Innovative Projects and Sustainable Development

Under Hui’s leadership, Concord Pacific has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of design and sustainability. One of the company’s flagship projects, the Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver, is a testament to this commitment. The development integrates green building practices, extensive public amenities, and cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable urban environment.

Hui’s emphasis on sustainability extends beyond individual projects. Concord Pacific has been a pioneer in integrating eco-friendly practices into urban planning. Initiatives such as green roofs, energy-efficient building systems, and comprehensive recycling programs are standard features in Concord’s developments.

Expanding Horizons

While Vancouver remains the cornerstone of Concord Pacific’s operations, the company has expanded its reach to other major Canadian cities, including Toronto and Calgary. Each new project reflects the company’s dedication to creating high-quality, livable communities that blend seamlessly with the urban fabric.

One notable project is Concord Adex in Toronto, a large-scale redevelopment that has transformed a former railway yard into a thriving residential and commercial hub. This project underscores Hui’s vision of urban revitalization and his ability to turn underutilized spaces into vibrant communities.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy

Terry Hui’s commitment to community building extends beyond real estate. He is actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities Concord Pacific serves. From supporting educational programs to contributing to local charities, Hui believes in giving back to the community.

Looking Ahead

As Concord Pacific continues to grow, Terry Hui remains focused on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. His forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that Concord Pacific will remain at the forefront of urban development for years to come.

Terry Hui’s leadership has not only shaped the success of Concord Pacific but also contributed significantly to the evolution of urban living in Canada. His vision and dedication serve as an inspiration to the real estate industry and beyond.

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