Jared Fogle Now: The Subway Guy’s Story

Jared Fogle Now The Subway Guy’s Story

Jared Fogle was a well-known person. He was employed by the sandwich store Subway. By consuming Subway sandwiches, he significantly reduced his weight. Many Subway advertisements featured him. He also ran a group that promoted youth wellness. He was well-liked and sought after by many individuals. In this article, we will discuss who is Jared Fogle Now, how Jared Fogle become famous, how authorities exposed Jared Fogle, and many more things.

But Jared Fogle was hiding something. He loved to view violent films of children and injure them. He received payment to abuse children in this way. His pal gave him some terrible videos. His acquaintance was employed by his team.

The police discovered Jared Fogle’s secret in 2015. They searched his home and took his phones and computers. He had recordings of himself discussing children. The tapes were made by a woman. She was a journalist. Jared Fogle and she were close friends. She overheard him criticizing children.

Jared Fogle expressed regret for his actions. He appeared in court. He would have to serve 15 years in prison, the judge ruled. The youngsters he injured also received compensation from him. He had to admit that he was a nasty person who injured children. For his issue, he needed assistance. He had to allow the cops to search his phones and laptops.

How Jared Fogle Became Famous

Jared Fogle was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 23, 1977. He attended Indiana University Bloomington while growing up in a Jewish family. In his youth and as a child, he was exceedingly overweight. When he was 22 years old, he weighed 425 pounds. He was overweight, which caused health issues.

In 1998, he made the decision to revamp his life and go on a diet. He had trouble sleeping and was hypertensive. He began consuming Coke with no added sugar, chips, and twice-daily Subway sandwiches. Jared also went for long walks. Jared said that by doing this, he shed 245 pounds in a year.

In 1999, when a buddy of his wrote about him in a school publication, his story made headlines. Additionally, he appeared in a magazine that discussed effective diets. Subway saw his tale and liked it. In 2000, they hired him to work for them. He frequently appeared in Subway commercials where he displayed the huge trousers he once wore. Additionally, he founded the Jared Foundation, an organization that promoted children’s well-being.

Jared Fogle rose to fame and gained a lot of popularity. He appeared on numerous TV programs, including South Park, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Larry King Live. Additionally, he appeared in a few films, including Super Size and Sharknado 2: The Second One.

How Authorities Exposed Jared Fogle.

Jared Fogle lost his fame and money in 2015 when people found out he was a bad person who hurt kids and watched bad videos of kids. His problem started with his friend Russell Taylor, who worked for his group. Taylor filmed kids in his house with hidden cameras and had bad videos of kids on his computer.

The police caught Taylor in 2015 and took his computer and videos. They saw that Taylor gave some of the videos to Jared Fogle and that Jared Fogle did bad things with kids too. They searched Jared Fogle’s house in July 2015 and took his computers and phones too.

In addition, they also had recordings of Jared Fogle discussing children with Rochelle Herman. She was a journalist who first met Jared Fogle in 2007 at a school function. However, she found it offensive when she overheard him criticizing children. Therefore, she got to know him and recorded him for the police talking about kids.

Eventually, he expressed regret for his actions after the police detained him in August 2015. He appeared in court and admitted to doing awful things to children and watching bad movies about children. Consequently, the judge ordered him to serve 15 years in prison and make restitution to the children he injured.

Where Is Jared Fogle Now?

Now that Jared Fogle is behind bars. He’ll spend a lot of time behind bars. He could retire as late as 2029. Folks who have also committed evil deeds surround him. There are roughly 900 individuals present.

In prison, he also had some issues. Because they did not like what he did to children, several people tried to harm him. Certain persons sued him and demanded more money from him. He gained weight once more as a result of his excessive eating.

Jared Fogle’s actions had a significant impact on his life. His wife took their children and left him. Subway sacked and sued him. He lost his fame and wealth. He was no longer free.

What Is Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster?

The film Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster is based on the life and deeds of Jared Fogle. It was released by ID and Discovery+ on March 7, 2023. The film features people who know Jared Fogle. They discuss him and his actions. Moreover, the film includes recordings of him discussing children. The recordings’ creator speaks as well. Finally, the film shows how hee concealed his identity and how authorities apprehended him.

The End

He was a well-known individual who worked for Subway. By consuming Subway sandwiches, he significantly reduced his weight. However, he had a dark secret. He loved to view violent films of children and injure them. When the police learned about it, they gave him a 15-year sentence. A film is currently telling his narrative.


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